The main manufacturing capability in Single layer, Double layer, Complicated Multilayer, Aluminum Board,

Product Range Rigid Printed Circuits Board, Single sided, Double sided, Multilayer, Aluminum
Base material XPC, FR-1, FR-2, FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3, Halogen Free, High CTI, High TG
Min. Board Thickness Single side:
0.8mm – 1.6nn (FR-1, FR-2)
0.8mm – 1.6mm (CEM-1)
Double side:
0.25 –3.2mm (FR-4)
Base Copper Foil 0.3 OZ to 6 OZ (Glass Epoxy Laminate FR-4)
1 OZ (Paper Phenolic FR-1, FR-2)
Types of Surface Finish and capabilities Organic Solerability Preservatives, OSP (Entek)
Hot Air Leveling (Tin/Lead, Pb Free)
Lead Free Hot Air Leveling (LF HASL)
Peelable / Liquid Photo Imaging Solder Mask,
Flash Gold / Immersion Gold / Gold Finger
Punching machine, V-Cut machine, PTH
Packing methods Vacuum packing and thermal shrink packing